Kosovars find refuge on Mission Impossible 2

Frozen Kosovar refugees have been thrown a lifeline from the producers of  Mission Impossible 2, starring Tom Cruise, by offering them a part in the  new film.

The producers at Fox Studios Sydney, where the action blockbuster is being  filmed, said it was "shameful" the way "our new visitors" were being  treated by the community at Singleton, in northern NSW, and explained they  would be happy to see them "onboard of our current project".

Fox Studios is now home for the filming of Mission Impossible 2 starring  Tom Cruise, Academy-winner Anthony Hopkins, and local actors Richard  Roxborough and actor/director John Polson.

While details of the latest deal are not clear, head of production on the  film, Gerry Marr, said the refugees were keen to come back to Sydney and  "thrilled" to be working with director John Woo on a film which would  bring international attention to their plight.

"Our scriptwriters are working over time to fit our new friends into the  film. And from what we're seen so far, they don't mind a bit of action," he said.

Mr Marr played down suggestions that the 30 or so "stars of tomorrow"  would simply be absorbed into crowd scenes and be the subject of an  evacuation of a city under seige being written into the new film.

"We are very excited. Let's just say you'll just have to wait until  opening night. I guarantee though there will be plenty of explosions," he said.

It is understood the Albanians will be brought down to Sydney on the same bus they had been camped out on for the last three days.

"From what I've seen of the rushes, they are really hitting the mark with  this refugee thing. I think they are ready to go."

A spokeswoman for actor's union, Media Alliance, said she was unaware of  the deal, but would be disappointed if Albanian actors were being considered before Australian actors.

"It's ART all over again," she said.

Mr Cruise was not available for comment.


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