Talking Monkey


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Talk (ing), vi. 1. to speak or converse; perform the act of speaking. 2. to make known or interchange ideas, information, etc. by means of spoken words.


Monkey, n., 1. Any member of the mammalian order Primates, including the guenons, macagues, langurs, capuchins, etc., but excluding man, thae anthropoid apes, and the lemurs. 2. a person likened to such an animal, as a mischievous child, a mimic, etc. 3. the fur of certain species of long-haired monkeys. 4. Collog. a sheep. 5. any of various mechanical devices, as the ram of a pile-driving apparatus, or a wool press. 6. Collog. a. (formerly) the sum of 500 pounds. b. the sum of $500.



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